Philly Wedding Venues

Congratulations on your engagement! What a marvelous time for you and your soul mate, but there's plenty of planning to do ahead of the big day. Each detail of the process is just as important as the last, but none are seemingly more imperative to get the ball rolling than setting a date for the wedding. The second most imperative detail in the process is booking a venue for the ceremony and reception. If you truly want the wedding of your dreams, you must start planning with plenty of time to spare before the date you have scheduled to get married. Most venues are booked at least a year up to eighteen months ahead of the date, so assume that premise is true for every venue going forward. With that mind, and assuming you have afforded yourself plenty of planning time, let's set out in search for a venue. How do you identify which venue is the right fit for you? Favorably for us, the Philadelphia area is positively teeming with beautiful and unique venues that will surely complete your dream wedding. The process can be taxing, but your efforts will not go to waste when on the night of your wedding you see the results of your labor are absolutely fantastic. We have a few tips that may help in your search for the right venue.

First, you will want to decide on what sort of style you wish to employ for wedding as it will help determine the necessities required out of the venue. If it is a traditional theme, then your options are fairly robust. The key thing is to make sure the location of the ceremony correlates well with the venue of your reception. It would be awkward, for example, if you were to be married in one of Philadelphia's grand cathedrals where your family has traditionally held their weddings for generations to then transition to the reception being held at a two star country banquet hall off of the interstate 80 highway.

Now that you are settled on style, start gathering recommendations from your friends and family members, and search through online directories and wedding websites. It may prove useful to narrow your search to venues that focus primarily on weddings as they are most prepared for the specific demands you will ask of them, especially if you are having a traditional wedding. These venues will be able to handle any special accommodations, and will definitely have full handicap access. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure the comfort and happiness of each guest if you want a truly special wedding.

While you are searching online, you should also have an idea of how many guests you will be inviting. This is purely an estimate, and you ought to expect some fluctuations in this number value as some guests may not RSVP, but tend to show up and expect to be accommodated for anyway. This estimate will be able to give you an idea of what size your venue will need to be in order to house the event safely and comfortably. In your search, pay attention to the pictures displayed of the venue on each respective venue's website. There are nuances that may be important in determining if this venue is right for you. Nuances such as the season apparent in the pictures and age of the picture. Depending on how old the picture is, there could have been construction remodeling projects done in the time that has passed since the photograph was taken. It is beyond crucial to go and visit these locations in person to see every single detail for yourself. Fill your candidate list with as many venues as you would like to visit, try to keep the number between fifteen or thirty, or whatever is manageable for you.

It is important to place a call, and schedule an interview with a venue coordinator. The person that you will be corresponding with from these venues will be imperative to become personally acquainted with, especially if you choose their venue, so make sure you save their contact information. This person should be cooperative, honest, diplomatic, and organized. If they seem rude, stubborn, or in any form unsavory, do not consider this venue as a candidate any longer. During your visit, you should share your ideas with the coordinator, and see if they offer any suggestions. If they are honest, they ought to inform you of any strengths or weaknesses the venue has which could effect your wedding. Ask the coordinator if the venue is full service, which implies that they have their own in-house rental service so you won't have to go through a separate rental company for the furniture, linens, and any other supplies you will need. If they are not full service, ask them if they have a preferred or required vendors list.

Once all the details are worked out, ask for a sample invoice for everything you will be charged for. Compare the pricing packages of the venues on your list. It is always wise to have a refundable check on hand to help reserve a date if you find a suitable venue early in your search, but still would like to shop around. As soon as you make your choice, call the coordinator up, and draw up a contract. Now that you have the venue booked, you will have to worry about floral arrangements and wedding entertainment! The job that is wedding planning is never done until you are taking that first dance with the love of your life.