Philly Wedding Tanning Salons

Getting a tan for your wedding may be something you are interested in. If you have not been a regular tanner in the past, there are a few things you should consider when choosing a tanning salon. There are a few things you should know before your first visit as well. This guide was created to give you the information necessary for preparing you for your first tanning visit.

The first thing you're going to want to do is choose a tanning salon if you do not already have one. You can ask your friends, family, or co-workers who tan where they go. They can help advise you on best tanning salons as well as bad ones. The internet is probably the best tool you have to your advantage. If you simply type “tanning salons near me” into the search bar a list of all salons in your area will appear. The great thing about search engines is that they often provide reviews on businesses. The reviews come from former as well as current clients. This will help you determine what salon is the best and help you determine what salons have a bad reputation. Is a salon has many bad reviews do not consider them an option.

Once you have chosen a salon you will want to call and make an appointment. Most salons do walk in visits as well, but if you want to avoid waiting in line you should call. Most tanning salons sell visits in packages. It is wise to get a package. It will save you money, you will probably need multiple visits to get the tan you desire. The amount of time you tan depends upon the type of tanning bed being used. Some are 15 minutes while others are 20 minutes. From your first visit, start with 10 minutes, or even less if you have fair or sensitive skin. This will help ensure you do not get a sunburn. Always make sure that you shower the day or evening before you go. Usually, the staff members will help you during your first visit. They will show you where the clean towels are, how to work the bed, and whatever else it is that you need to know. You're going to need to use some type of lotion. Tanning lotions can be very pricey, but they help you get tan a lot faster. You're going to need to wear tanning goggles to protect your eyes while you're in the tanning bed. Most salons will have them for sale for about a dollar or two. Keep your goggles for future use.

ALWAYS make sure the beds are cleaned. They will usually have a sign on the bed stating that the bed has been cleaned. If you are unsure just ask the staff. Or, if the bed has been poorly cleaned, ask them to clean the bed again. You should wear loose clothes because they are easy to remove. At most salons you can get a sticker to apply to your skin. Put the sticker on the same location of your body each time you go tanning. This will show you how tan you have gotten.

Getting a tan for your wedding should be a fun and relaxing experience. If you follow this guide it will provide you the information you need for your first tanning visit. Remember to relax and enjoy your tan! Lucky for you Philadelphia has various tanning salons for you to choose from, go check them out!