Philly Wedding Officiants

You know your wedding plans are getting serious when you start looking for an officiant. Your choice will affect your ceremony in a huge way. Take this search very seriously. Choosing the right person can make your ceremony into something special that you will remember forever. Choosing the wrong person will make you want to forget that you were ever on the stage to say I do. It is really that important. Remember, this is the person who will be right with you during your most intimate moments of your wedding and of your life. There are many things to look for as you start your search in the Philadelphia area. To help you with your search, we have included some pertinent questions that you must ask if you are to find the perfect person to officiate your wedding.

The first thing that you need to find out is if they are available on your wedding date. The number one most important factor you need to consider is experience. When you meet with any potential candidates, ask them how long they have been a ceremony officiant. If they tell you that they do not have much experience or have not performed many weddings, we recommend that you move onto the next person that you are considering. Someone that has not performed many ceremonies will be ill-equipped for what you need and want. There is a certain command of the various events of the ceremony that you will want to make sure your officiant possesses.

Find out if the candidate has ever performed a wedding ceremony at your chosen venue. If they have, talk about how it went and what the setup was like. Ask them if anything went wrong because of the venue that they might have suggestions on how to fix. If you and your fiance are of different faiths and if you are having a religious ceremony, you will want to ask if they will marry couples of different faiths. Do you have to be a member of their church? Many officiants require pre-marital classes or counseling before they will perform a ceremony. Find out if that is the case here and what all is entailed. And here is another thing you will want to get out of the way immediately. If one or both of you have been divorced, will they marry you.

In terms of the actual events that will happen at the ceremony, ask them what they have done in the past and then talk about what you might like. You need to find out if they are receptive to your suggestions and are willing to incorporate what you want. For example, if you want to personalize your wedding vows, is this something that they will allow or even help you with. Will they allow flash photography during the events? Some officiants do not want anything getting in the way of what is being said. It is a great idea if your officiant attends your rehearsal. Are they willing to do this? What do they wear when they officiate a wedding. If this is not acceptable to you, ask them if there could possibly be a change in this arena.

Finally, you will have to ask about what they charge for their services. Find out what exactly is included in that fee. Are they charging you for attending the rehearsal, for travel time and gas, and for the counseling sessions? All of these are more than reasonable. This guide should help lead you to an officiant that you will be more than satisfied with. We wish you well.