Philly Wedding Flowers

There are few things that are more beautiful than two people in love and ready to take the next step in their relationship with marriage. As you are planning your wedding, there are many imperative elements, but none are seemingly as crucial as the perfect floral arrangements. The floral arrangements of your wedding symbolize the budding love between you and your partner, so it goes without saying that they ought to be healthy, strong, and vibrant flowers to match you star-crossed lovers. The good news is that Philadelphia has a plethora of florists that specialize in wedding floral arrangements which will let your vision flourish and your dreams for the big day to bloom into reality. Here are some guiding tips to assist you in your search for the perfect floral arrangements crafted by the best florist for you.

Perhaps, you already have a florist who you have been patronizing for some years now. Most people have a flower shop which they go to regularly for Mother's day, Valentine's day, birthdays, or any other special occasion or holiday. It takes a florist with a certain set of skills to craft truly special floral arrangements for weddings, your florist may be more than sufficient in handling holiday pieces or arrangements, but you may find they are incapable of suiting your needs. It is wise to set up interviews with three to five different florists. Ask your friends and family for their recommendations, perhaps someone was recently married and was satisfied with their florist. Searching Google and wedding websites for florists in your area are resourceful tools, as well. You will be able to read reviews on each florist, browse pictures, and see a general overview of their pricing information. Remember, your ideal florist should have previous experience in weddings, and during your first interview should have a full portfolio of past weddings they have worked on. You should never gamble on the quality of your arrangements, or your wedding will positively wilt.

Once you have a handful of potential florists, reach out and set up interviews with each one, or simply go visit the shop. If you are visiting around a busy holiday season, it is wise to set up an interview beforehand. During the interview, you will want to look over their shop. Do you like their presentation and organization? Are the arrangements and decorations of the shop quaint or just tacky? Inspect the flowers in the cooler to see if they are fresh and vibrant. If anything is not up to your code, then do not consider the florist as a candidate. The condition of their shop will ultimately match the quality of the arrangements they produce for you.

In your first interview with the potential florist, you will want to express your ideas for the wedding. It is wise to start early in your engagement collecting pictures of flowers and particular arrangements you like, printing and cataloging them in a folder, or saving them onto a flash drive for your prospective florist's perusal. You should also bring fabric swatches from the same material as your bridesmaid dresses and any other material you plan on employing in your wedding. It is also wise to download the Pinterest app to your phone or tablet, create a wedding board of all your ideas, and share it with the potential florist ahead of your first meeting. The florist should be cooperative with you and receptive to your vision. If they seem a bit stubborn, and seem too critical beyond reason then it is advisable to cross them off your list.

Before considering your florist, you should have already booked the locations of your wedding ceremony in addition to the reception. Ask the florist if they have worked at these locations before, and if they would be willing to take a walk through with you to further develop ideas and chemistry. Both you and your florist will want a firm understanding of all the preexisting colors and themes of the respective locations, and exactly which areas you will be decorating. You should also have a rough estimate of how many guests you expect will attend your wedding which will factor in how many table centerpieces will be required, as well as the size of your wedding party and colors of their respective ensembles.

Once you wrap up your initial meetings, you will want to give them some time to produce some samples and further develop ideas. It is wise to book your florist about four to six months ahead of the scheduled date of your wedding, so begin your initial search a couple months ahead of when you should book them. Go over cost with them, ask for a sample invoice of a similar wedding to yours, and go over any packages they offer. You will want to compare the prices of each florist against one another, and weigh each of their pros and cons carefully. Most of the time, the right florist will pop out to you, and you will know immediately that they are the candidate for you.

Now that you've made your selection, get every single detail on logistics and payment on a contract which both parties need to sign, and then make your deposit. If you've done your due diligence in the search process, then you should rest with plenty peace of mind knowing your floral arrangements will captivate you and your wedding guests.