Philly Wedding DJs

The heart and soul of any successful wedding reception is the music and the entertainers that bring it to you and your guests. It is why finding the right form of entertainment and the right performer is absolutely imperative to a memorable wedding, one that your guests will remark on positively for yours, and remind you how much fun they had dancing the night away in celebration of your big day! You will want to be thorough and allow yourself plenty of time to carefully consider your candidates. Certain couples elect to hire a live band to perform during the reception, while others choose to book a disc-jockey for the occasion. Both choices could work for you, but each option comes with various requirements for equipment and set-up, not to mention usually a stark difference in prices. Before searching for entertainment, it is wise to have your budget established, and even more advisable to have your venue booked, too. This will help determine ultimately what form of entertainment will best suit your needs. For example, the venue you have booked for your reception is a grand banquet room in one of Philadelphia's lush downtown hotels, considering it appears you have a sizable budget, it would be advisable to go with a live band to match the grandiose atmosphere and general ambiance of the venue. Unfortunately for most of us, our budgets are far too modest to afford such a lavish wedding reception, which is where a disc-jockey is clutch. Fortunately for most of us, the Philadelphia area offers a multitude of fantastic professional DJ's. The only trick is to find a DJ that suits you, we believe we have some helpful tips that will assist you in your search for the DJ to complete your dream wedding.

The first thing you will want to do to initiate the search is ask for the recommendations of your friends and family, especially those who have been recently married or were involved with a wedding in some form or fashion. Search Google and any relevant online directories for candidates or companies that strike a chord with you. It is advisable to restrict yourself to professional disc-jockeys that focus primarily, if not solely, on wedding receptions. You will want a candidate with plenty of experience, the more experience in relation to wedding receptions the better, because those candidates will understand how to keep your crowd entertained if any issues or delays arise, and are aware of how receptions should typically flow. Determine what sort of vibe you want to have for your wedding, and keep in consideration the guests you are inviting. If you wish to portray a youthful party vibe for your reception, then a night club DJ would more than suit your needs. But if you are planning the night to be more traditional with more regard given to the accommodations of guests who may be elderly or children, you will definitely want to book a professional wedding DJ.

Now that you have around three to five candidates in mind, start reaching out to them with plenty of questions prepared in advance. Ask the candidate why they chose to become a DJ. Most people enjoy music, but only a certain breed have an innate passion for it, and one of the requirements to be a great DJ is to be that specific breed of person. What songs does the DJ consider his or her favorite wedding songs? If the candidate starts to rattle off songs which are too cliché for your tastes, or simply do not jive well with you, let the candidate know. If they are a true professional, they will have the utmost dedication to make sure your wedding play list is great despite the difference in preferences. Does the candidate entertain guest song requests? Most professional wedding disc-jockeys will allow for song requests from guests, and will most certainly be able to determine if a specific song request is on your “Do Not Play” list. You will want to ask them how they handle crowds, be sure to request a few videos of weddings that they recently worked. If their emcee style clashes with the vision you had for the reception proceedings, then do not consider them as a candidate any longer. Ask for a few photos of their setup. This will help determine if they are going to cost you an arm and a leg with extra bells and whistles such as strobe lights and laser shows, as well as allowing you to see if they shamelessly promote their company with a banner adorning their table. No one wants advertisements as apart of their wedding, especially when you have already paid for a vendor's service, and did not give them explicit permission to promote oneself.

You will also want to inquire into the DJ's equipment. Is it in good condition? What's their depth of knowledge with the equipment? Do they have backup equipment if any of it breaks or malfunctions? Professionals will have you covered in the case of an emergency, and they will be able to adapt to the conditions at present. This is why it is a good idea to select a DJ that is already familiar with your venue, or at least a DJ that is more than willing to become acquainted with the venue in order to avoid any equipment conflicts.

Before you choose a DJ, you will want to go over a contract of services with them. Make sure they have every detail such as setup charges and overtime rates. You will want to compare DJ's prices to get a firm understanding of which one will be best for your budget. Once you have made your selection, sign the contract, and place a deposit if it is necessary. Make sure to correspond them every month before the wedding, as well as the week of the big day just to touch base and cover logistics. Now you can move onto the rest of your planning with the stress of finding the best wedding entertainment off of your mind.