Philly Wedding Caterers

How many conversations have you had lately about food? Other than the weather, it is one of our favorite topics of conversations as human beings. And it is no different when there is a wedding. The two things most talked about at a wedding is the entertainment and the food. So, in order to leave the best impression on all of your guests and to have them saying all good things about your catered food, you need to make sure that you hire the right caterer. We just know with all of the amazing caterers in the Philadelphia area, that the right one is out there for you. But the trick to finding “the one” is to do some research and interview any candidate that you are interested in. Here are the questions that you need to ask.

Get the names and contact information of potential quality caterers from people you know that have been to weddings within the last year. When you call up each candidate, first find out if they are available for your chosen wedding date. If they are, request a date and time when you can meet and talk about your reception needs. When they are sitting in front of you, you will want to quiz them as to how they would handle changes so you can be assured that they can think on their feet. Ask the candidate what they would do if quests showed up who did not RSVP. How would they handle that kind of situation in terms of food and table setup? Find out who will be the point person from the caterers on the night of your reception.

Have a discussion about the waitstaff. How many servers will be there for your guests? We recommend that there be at least one server per table if possible. Any number fewer will really bog down the pace of the serving. If need be, find out how much it would cost to have extra staff there. How will the staff be dressed? If you are not happy with the answer, mention it. And speaking of cost, ask them how much the price is per person. Then find out what exactly is included in that per person price. Are items like linens, the waitstaff, and coat-room attendants part of the price or is there an extra fee for all of these items? Make sure that you understand what your candidate means when they say gratuity and what they mean when they say service charge. Beware of this phenomenon. Some caterers define service charge as something that covers fuel costs, overhead, and wear and tear. That means the gratuity has not been taken care of. Then on top of that the gratuity is another 20%. Get clarification on this during your interview.

If you are a well meaning person, you will want to ask what happens to the leftover food. Laws vary on this, but if it is allowed, ask if the caterer will donate it to the local soup kitchen. Ask your candidate if they are familiar with the venue you have booked. If they are not, will they do a site visit with you should you hire them? Once you have all of this relevant information gathered, sit down and do an in-depth comparison. One caterer should stand out among the rest. If a couple are close, go with your gut. Congratulations, now it is time to revel in the fact that you have found “the one.”

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