Philly Wedding Bartenders

Hiring a private wait staff and bar tender for your wedding is a great idea. But how exactly do you choose or evaluate a private bartender and what services do you choose? Great question, after all it is a profession most of us are not familiar with. This guide was created to provide you the information necessary to hire a private bartender or wait staff. If you follow this guide you should have no troubles finding one.

The first thing you should consider is the amount of experience and training the bartender and waitstaff have. Obviously the more experience and training the more likely you are to receive better quality service. They do not need to have years and years of experience, though that is a plus. They should have at least six months prior training or experience. A good question to ask is, do they have a website? It's an important detail that should not be over looked. Most established businesses have websites. If they do have a website what does it tell you about their services? Responsiveness is highly important. How quickly did they respond to your phone or email inquiries? You do not want to have to hunt them down if you have an important question. If they take longer than 24 hours to get back with you, you should consider taking your business elsewhere. Ask them about their willingness to travel and how far. Depending on the location of your reception this may or may not be an issue.

You should never have to provide supplies to the bartender and wait staff. Make sure they bring their own supplies such as liquor bottles, bottle opener, garnish tray, towels, ice bins, and so forth. They should arrive early to your event with enough time to prepare. It's a good idea to ask about appearance, and what they will wear. Most companies dress, traditional bow-tie and vest for an event. Hiring from a large bartending and waitstaff business can be a good thing because you know they have a lot of experience, whereas hiring a small company you can receive great service. Neither one is better than the other, only you can decide upon which best fits your needs.

The final detail that you must consider is pricing and gratuity. You don't want to break the bank to hire a professional wait staff, but you get what you pay for so hiring the cheapest wait staff usually means you should expect poor service. Do your research to ensure you get good service for a price that meets your budget. As far as gratuity goes, it's important to know whether the tip is included in the final price. If that is not the case who will provide the tip? You can individually tip the wait staff and bartender or ask that your guest tip.

Hiring a private wait staff can be tricky, and confusing. Follow the tips in this guided to ensure you know what to look for in the hiring process. Congratulations on your engagement, and enjoy your reception and wonderful wait staff. Lucky for you Philadelphia has various established private wait staff companies for you to choose from. Go check them out!